Halong Bay, A Beautiful World Heritage Tours in Vietnam

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Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – located in the northeast of Viet Nam, Halong Bay is one of the heritage that is recognized by the UNITED NATIONS-owned agency UNESCO as one of the world heritage site. The natural beauty of the Bay has a 120 kilometre coastline is indeed no doubt, no wonder being one of the Prima Donna of tourism Affairs Ho Chi Minh.

Halong Bay konturnya consists of thousands of karst or limestone mountain name is derived from the language of Viet Nam “Vịnh Hạ Long Bay, which means the place of the descent of the Dragon. It is said that, according to legend, when Viet Nam trusted yore occur war against Chinese Dragon family came down to Halong Bay to help the people of Viet Nam. The mother Dragon and her son burn Chinese troops with fire and pulled out a large Emerald as a defense. The soldiers finally sank and according to the legend of the Emerald is stones turned into islands that currently exists in Halong Bay.
Has a total area of about 1,553 square kilometers, Halong Bay consists of 1,969 small islands where only less than half of the Islands already has a name. Based on existing literature, in the smaller islands there are 435 species of plants, 22 species of marine animals, and 76 species of birds. In addition there are 28 varieties of mangrove, 315 species of fish, as well as the 545 spineless animal species back and 234 species of coral.

Some of the island’s limestone in Halong Bay has a cave which is now exploited as tourist attractions. Some of the famous caves include Thien Cung (Cave Palace of heaven), Dau Go (cave of Driftwood), Sung Sot (cave of Surprises), and Tam Cung (cave of the three palaces).

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Thien Cung cave is the most popular among other caves in Halong Bay. The rocks that are in this Paradise Palace Caves decorated with colorful lights that are able to add to the beauty and splendor. According to legend, this cave is where the wedding party a girl named may with a dragon Prince who was held for seven days and seven nights. The party was attended by elephants, snakes, fairies, and other creatures. Now the animals who attended the party form which adorn the entire cave Thien Cung.

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