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mekong vietnam tours tickets 2017 – – If you are first time to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, Mekong Delta is the place to be in luangkang least sekuang a day for the visit. Uncle and travel buddies to Mekong River in our 2nd day in HCMC.

For entry this time, uncle nak ‘ expense ‘ day that a visit to the Mekong Delta. (this entry has many pictures)
A day in the Mekong Delta

Follow from the table to the Mekong Delta, we taken from Lovely as early as 7.45 am. And depart along with other tourists at 8.30 a.m. to Pier in My Tho. A trip to Pier takes 1 hour 30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City.
Arrive at the pier, we were given a brief briefing by tour guide us about islands who will we visit in the Mekong Delta. Our tour guide was quite proficient in the English language.

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We take a boat to the island first in the Mekong Delta. Travel from the pier to the island first takes almost 1 hour.
Although the journey takes almost an hour. It is not boring lah uncle reason uncle excited enjoy views of the Islands that are around the Mekong Delta area.
Busty uncle from Italy who sat on the uncle is merajuk with uncle. So ignore her for a moment, an instant longer okay la tu … more.
A tourist looks arrive before we’re boarding a boat. We even waving mangabun towards them.

We at fahamkan have a wide range of tour service that prepared. So choose a package follow from your original budget. Do not over budget anyway Yes. The package that we take is at a price 315,000 dong.
We arrived on the island the first in the Mekong Delta. Sorry, uncle forgot the name of the island, not the focus of the time tell the name of the island causes hunger.

On the island we served with food lunch. Not many want to see in this first island as it is to stop eating only.
Since we do not take a travel package Muslim tour (reason a bit expensive, and exceed our budget) we only ask for rice and vegetables just for lunch. The promise of being able to wear belly already la right?
Pamelo Basahkan throat with Sugarcane. Very tasty water ni. As far as ni uncle tak see have sold in Malaysia. If anyone please bagitau Yes, uncle indeed, nak feeling again.
Our next to the 2nd island in the Mekong Delta, known as the Coconut Island. Saw how local people make ‘ Coconut Candy ‘. Have to try the taste of coconut candy ni, because once tried, must you be remembered something that is sold in Malaysia hehe.
The island is a food processing plant and whatever oil-based. Anything that can be made from coconut, ^ will do.

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